Insights in Real-Time: ELK

By combining the massively popular open source products, Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana, we have created an end-to-end stack that delivers actionable insights in real-time. Built and supported by the engineers behind each of these open source projects, the Elasticsearch ELK stack makes searching and analyzing data — even log files — easier than ever before. Best of all: get up, get running, and get insights in days, not months. With our support subscriptions, deploy even faster.

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Monitor Your Cluster's Heartbeat: Marvel

Want to get full transparency into the state of your deployment and manage your clusters towards optimal health? Marvel instantly provides much-needed visibility into a deployment, both in real time and historically, making it simple to understand the root cause of any issue with your Elasticsearch clusters. Free during development.

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ready to go? only $1000/year to monitor your first 5 nodes

Sleep Better At Night with a Support Subscription

With our Support Subscription packages, you can sleep better at night knowing you have a dedicated support lead and access to the engineers that built the Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana code. We provide hot fixes and emergency patches to keep mission-critical applications up and running and can help you implement best practices within your production environments. For organizations that aren’t in production yet, we have a Development Support subscription to help you move fast during the development phase. We also offer training to help you reliably analyze, understand and solve common problems on your own.

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