what we believe in

At the core of our mission are four key pillars that drive our obsession with data. At the heart of it all, the more data there is, the simpler it should get.

Data is good.
More data is better.
Simple is best.
Always have the
end user in mind.
Keep it cool.
Bonsai cool.

Hear our story of the mission, vision, and future of all things Elasticsearch.


Learn about our growth, our product stack, and how the popularity of search is becoming more and more universal.


creating the company

We are the company behind Elasticsearch, the innovative and advanced open source distributed search engine with millions of downloads. In order to support the ever-growing user base, the company was founded in 2012 by the people behind Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene.

Elasticsearch is rapidly becoming the world’s most popular open source search solution. With Elasticsearch embedded as a part of mission-critical production environments, we’re now providing reliable and scalable support and professional services. To give our customers unmatched support, the core engineering team that built and maintains our open source search engine is the same team training and consulting customers in various phases of the development and deployment cycles.